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DO.II Registry

How it Works


Create your wish list

Set up your free registry in minutes! You can choose from our list of gift ideas or customize your registry by adding your own!


Share it with family, loved ones & sponsors

Share your registry with friends and family through email, Facebook or other social media channels


Watch them contribute

Login to see who has contributed to your registry. Forgot something? No worries, you can edit your list anytime!


Design your dream home

Congratulations! When you’re ready to close your registry, simply login and collect your funds.

Asked Questions

Why use DO.II?

The DO.II  Registry allows you to create a registry for a beautiful home that is unique to you. You can show your family, friends and sponsors exactly what you need for your space while providing an easy and convenient way to give. Everything included in the registry will be chosen by you, customized to reflect your personalities, hopes, and dreams for your home.

How does it work?

Set up your wedding registry after a FREE couple’s consultation session at our store ! You can choose from our list of gift ideas or customize your registry by selecting your own pieces!

You get a unique DO.II WR number to Share with your guests through email, Facebook or by adding a wedding registry info card with details to your invites.

We will update you when your guests make purchases from your registry. Forgot something? No worries, you can edit your List!

Congratulations, you’re married! The registry is closed 90 days after your wedding and your gifts delivered on an agreed date.

How much does it cost?

The service is completely free for the Couples! The guests are not offered discounts on purchases from the registry as this goes towards administrative and development costs associated with maintaining the couple’s wedding registry. There is a lot happening at DO.II to ensure the couples and guests are both receiving the best possible experience!

How do we decide what to add to our Registry?

What do you already have? This seems like a no-brainer, but take stock of what you already own.

What do you need? After taking stock, decide what you really need. But the point is, put some thought into what you’re going to need and use. And don’t forget…this is a team activity. Both the bride and groom need a say when it comes to picking wedding gifts. And it just might help start the marriage of on the right track. 😉

What do you want? When we say think about what you REALLY want, we’re not just talking about your wedding registry. Because it’s not just about the gifts. Creating your DO.II wedding registry is an opportunity for you and your partner to sit down and daydream a little. What do you want your future home to look like? And what do you need to make it happen?

How do we tell people about our Registry?

After your free consultation and you have been given your unique DO.II wedding registry number, you can invite your guests to check it out through email or Facebook.

To be practical, some couples also include the registry information in their wedding invitations, but the etiquette experts sometimes frown on this. Our opinion? It’s your call.

What happens when one or all of my gifts have been Purchased?

We will send you bimonthly updates on your registry and recommend you keep an eye on your registry as people begin to make purchases. For a guest, it would be awful to go to a registry and find it’s been completely purchased! Once 90% of the gifts you have registered for have been purchased, we’ll also send you an email to let you know!

How do I know what my guests have Bought?

The bimonthly updates will show you what purchases have been made. You’ll be able to see exactly who made the purchase or how much they contributed. This update will be an excel document soYou’ll also be able to export this list so writing thank-you cards after the wedding will take a little less time.

Can I make changes to my Registry?

Yes Please! You can come into the showroom ir send a mail to change or modify your information, and update your gift list anytime. The only thing you aren’t able to change is change your unique DO.II WR number you have been given.

Can we collect our gifts before closing Date?

Absolutely! Just as long as it’s after the wedding date and you give us at least 14 days notice. Please note that there will be no multiple deliveries so whatever delivery date is agreed will be for all items on the list for which payment has been made

When should I make my Purchase?

You can make your purchase anytime up until the registry close date (available on the website). However, we recommend you make your contribution in the month leading up to or on the wedding day.

Will I receive a confirmation of my Purchase?

Once you have completed your purchase or made payment,we will issue you a receipt and invoice

How will the couple know that I have made a Purchase?

After you’ve picked a gift, you can add a best wishes note to be sent to the couple. You can keep it a surprise or send the note immediately. Upon closing the registry, the couple will also receive a complete list of guests and purchases

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