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What Your Office Should Look Like in 2021

FeyiThe9to5Guy September 13, 2021 1 comment

We are living in unprecedented times in which the workplace as we used to know it has radically changed,

especially in a world where gradually resuming back to working onsite after working remotely since the

start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This raises the question of how office designs can adapt to accommodate this ever-evolving nature of the 

way people work. Here are some tips:

Staying Safe With Style

Decorative Wash Stand

Hand sanitizers and wash-hand basins are a necessity in the 2021 workplace. However, rather

than having the notion of performing a chore of sorts, beautifying the allocated sections for

these sanitation protocols will encourage employees and clients to observe them as they enter,

exit and interact within the offices. This also leaves a lasting impression of the company brand

on the clients.


Enable Creativity, Collaboration, And Communication

Doii32 (1)

One of the most effective ways managers and business owners can encourage collaboration and

effective communication is by providing an enabling environment in which their employees work.

Creativity can be stimulated by incorporating bright colors into design elements. In addition, the

design and strategic arrangement of workplace furniture to accommodate social distancing, as

well as the choice of the right technology translate to a faster pace of work, and higher quality of

work leading to increased productivity.

Portray A Professional Image for Clients and Customers


As the first spaces of contact for clients and visitors, areas such as the reception and visitors’ lounge

should be designed in a clean, uncluttered, and professional manner. Designing these spaces with an

 inviting and comfortable “look and feel” where guests won’t mind spending a bit of time waiting 

should be paramount.

While certain areas of your office space may be strange or creative, other areas should portray a

professional image for visiting clients and customers.


Give your Office a Home Feel

Copy of 6

Choosing furniture that brings memories of home, the addition of rugs, and the introduction of 

indoor plants, amongst others, are ways to add warmth and life to corporate spaces, giving them

that “cozy” aura that can make employees feel more comfortable and open to new ideas.

Your office design goes a long way to motivate employees and attract prospective clients/customers.


Remote Working Space

Home Office (Custom)

While some employees are returning to their offices in this new norm, others are still working  

remotely, mostly from home thanks to hybrid and flexible work policies.

To ensure maximum productivity from home, the assigned spot for remote work needs a 

dedicated surface large enough to accommodate remote work tools. A supportive and ergonomic

chair will also enhance comfort and minimize the risk of developing health problems associated

with sitting for long periods. It goes without saying that healthy employees are safer, happier and

more productive.


Your office design goes a long way to motivate employees and attract prospective clients/customers.

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  1. Ugonma Igbokwe

    Great article! I especially love the part about giving your office a home feel 😍

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