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#TheInteriorLifeWithDoiiChallenge – Tell Your Story And Win (For Interior Designers)

Feyishola Ogunko July 13, 2021 0 comments

#TheInteriorLifeWithDoiiChallenge – Tell Your Story & Win

The path to becoming an interior designer can be tough and rigorous, especially in this current economic climate and that’s why we at DO.II designs have created this challenge to celebrate some of the outstanding rising interior designers in the country.

Are you an interior designer or do you know any interior designers? This challenge is for you!


Want a seat at the table? Here is how to participate

  Do a 1-minute video indicating:

* Your name and brand name

* What you love about interior design and what attracted you to it

* What you love about DO.II Designs

* Challenges you’ve faced on the job

* Why you should win the challenge

Follow and get 5 friends to follow @doiidesigns on Instagram and use the hashtag #TheInteriorLifeWithDoiiChallenge #THISISMYDOII

What you stand to win!

Get a chance to be featured on our page and also win amazing prizes including:

* 30% Discount on next purchases from DO.II Designs

* Space planning advice

* Chance to work on selected projects with DO.II.

* 3D rendition of the next space you will design.

* Lunch with the Queen of interior design in Nigeria – Mrs. Ighodalo

Join the challenge now to WIN BIG!

Tell an interior designer you know today!

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