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How Interior Design can create Brand Awareness for your Business

FeyiThe9to5Guy May 24, 2021 1 comment

How Interior Design can create Brand Awareness for your Business

As a business owner/entrepreneur, your company’s brand is what makes you unique and helps you to stand out against the competition. 

There is a lot of buzz out there about branding, and rightly so, but what exactly does it mean? What are the real effects of establishing a strong brand? And how does interior design tie into this?

Is your place of business communicating your brand message?

You see, your business premises, whether it is an office, a retail space, a restaurant etc. is a major representation of your brand.  

Whether meeting a client in a physical office or communicating via a virtual call, the workspace essentially plays an important role in helping you sell your products/services more easily.

Yes, from a client’s perspective, all they need is to get the job done. And that may be right to an extent.

Well, it’s not that simple!

It’s all in the visuals!

According to Kissmetrics, 9 out of 10 people are visually influenced when making a purchase.

We tend to make choices based on emotions. We do that every single day, even if we think we don’t.

There is no doubt that first impressions are crucial.

Meeting your prospective clients in your office gives you a great advantage to play by your own rules. You must create a ‘scene’ that will help you play your “professional role” perfectly.

We don’t mean you should fake it. Your office or workplace should be compatible with your profession and reflect your own creative personality. At least, the traits you’re proud of!

Here at Do.ii Designs, we take into consideration Furnishing & Design, Color and an Atmosphere of Nature when designing or revamping your office space to reflect your profession, creativity and business acumen to attract customers and leave your clients/customers talking about your space.


Allow us to wield our magic wand in your office space to give you that edge over your competition

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