Everything about the brief of this project from the Lekki location to the ambiance of the finished space was quite unusual. The client was very specific. They knew, or at least thought they knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted the space to be. Anyone in the field knows that this is any designer’s nightmare, being boxed so tightly into a corner and not having the chance to translate a brief as you think best.

At DO.II we love a challenge and so we took this one head on and designed and executed the space to the client’s satisfaction and delight. Numerous meetings were scheduled hoping to conclude and be awarded the contract early enough to meet the clients deadline, but the end was much further than we expected.

After having to change the design for the umpteenth time, we had to make our client understand that Interior Design is not just about what you want but what works for your space. They took our advice on board, talked us through their brief again and showed us images of furniture they had recently seen and liked.  They wanted a space that wasn’t too rigid, a space that could go from day to night and from weekday to weekend without any rearrangement. They wanted their clients to be comfortable and still be able to hold a serious meeting while feeling like they were just kicking back and having a coffee at home, or in a lounge. Most importantly, they wanted their young yet well to do clientele to feel welcome and comfortable in this space. This was the reason for their choice of location and design.

Pre Fit-out

Post Fit-out

We effectively communicated the finished space to the client from the start with the use of technical drawings, 3Ds and mood boards at several highly competitive presentations to the management team. Our design was chosen and work commenced.




We went back to the drawing board and translated all this into the client’s space. A space that featured a fully fitted Bar and Lounge, an Art Gallery and Office Spaces that would keep you happy at work all day everyday.

Art Gallery

Conference Room

Being the “one stop shop for design solutions” that we are, we managed to redesign, customize and manufacture all the furniture pieces chosen by the client as well as mixing it up with some of our signature pieces and new products from our new line.

We visited the Sterling Bank Private Banking Suite in Lekki recently and it’s safe to say they are even happier than we are with the outcome.

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