Fidelity Bank has been a client for many years. One of our first interactions was when we designed and furnished the private banking offices of FSB in Ikoyi about 20 years ago.

In the past 20 years, the bank has moved its private banking suite a number of times but we are proud to note that they have retained the same furniture we supplied 20 years ago and have occasionally asked us to come in and refurbish the pieces and the space.

The decision was taken to launch the Fidelity Private Banking and a brand new location was chosen, an old property in Old Ikoyi. The bank wanted to start afresh and revamp and refresh with a modern environment to complement their new branding. This was completely different from our past transactions with them.

One of the issues this client had and was very vocal about, was the issue of cost. As part of the brief they expressed the desire to re-use the 20-year-old furniture in order to reduce costs. As good as it felt to hear that 20 years later, our products were still standing strong, we had to put our foot down, explaining to the client that there have been major changes in design trends and those pieces would no longer fit into the concept they had for the Private Banking Suite.

The client wanted a very clean and modern look without the excessive use of the brand colors and for us, this design style translated their brand very well. With the use of neutral colors and timeless materials like marble, suede, wood etc., that all had modern shades, colours and patterns, we successfully translated our client’s request for a clean contemporary spacious look.

We effectively communicated the finished space to the client from the start with the use of technical drawings, 3Ds and mood boards at several highly competitive presentations to the management team. Our design was chosen and work commenced.







Being an old building that had not been in use for over 10 years we had issues with style, age of the fittings and the bad state of disrepair. Our design involved extensive structural work, breaking of walls, building of walls, tearing down and replacement of ceilings, flooring, wall finishing, complete plumbing and electrical work, illumination and finally furnishing.

Work in progress


The Interior Design and refurbishment of this project was completely managed by our team of highly skilled and professional artisans, as well as the supervision and management of some of the clients’ subcontractors and service providers. We ensured that all parties involved followed our principle of seamlessness and implementation and/or design.

The finished project was an exact and even better replica of the designs approved by the client and at the end of it all, the client is extremely happy.

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